Things you need to know when signing up for the Berlin Marathon 2020 Lottery


I was successful on my first attempt to get a place to run the Berlin Marathon 2019. Although there are no secret ways or magic paths to get a place I believe that the percentage of you getting in to this marathon is much higher than all the other world majors. It was an amazing experience and I totally advice anyone to experience it! I think this was my favorite Marathon, thus far. I’ve only done two; Berlin marathon & Chicago marathon. I love Berlin Marathon because every corner you turn there’s a history that needs to be notice and the crowd was amazing even in the pouring rain! BUT that is just me personally.

The Registration deadline to enter the drawing process is on the 31st of October at 12pm central time. Although I am not signing up myself, I do encourage you do so! It’s really fun! Here are some things to keep in mind when registering for this event:

  1. Signing up for the lottery is free but as soon as you are picked in the lottery the registration fee will be taken out automatically. If you do get pick and they take out the fee; you’ll be able to defer it but you won’t get your money back. This is after you get picked!
  2. You can sign up now and if you decide that you don’t want to participate in the lottery anymore you may send the BMW Marathon representative an e-mail to take you out of the list. Be sure to do this before the drawing in November 27. I’ve only seen this information in a Facebook post and not have tried it myself but if you do change your mind, don’t wait too long contact them right away. Just don’t change your mind!
  3. When I signed up I was given an option to either get a poncho or an event bag. I personally chose the poncho but I’m still on the defense on whether or not I picked the right thing. I mean I will have no other chance to use the poncho & I will probably not be using the bag either. The only thing is when I got my Bib it was so sad to not get a bag while everyone else was getting one. I didn’t have a place for my Bib and I didn’t get the poncho until after the race. I think choosing either one has it’s perks. I wish there was an option to have both.
  4. At sign up, I was given an option to either sign up for extras; like a special sign up package! I highly advice to keep a note on what is included in that package; if you do decide you’d like that too. Just keep a note of what options you selected. I signed up for the massage; honestly; it was an awkward massage. lol It was basically an open room of people getting massages; no privacy what so ever. If you’re ok with that then why not but It might be better if you can schedule one outside of the event.
  5. Join a Facebook Group after signing up or even if you don’t sign up! It’s nice to be in a group of like minded people. Also a great way to keep yourself updated to whatever is going on in the event. Facebook groups are a good way to gather information or if there is something a bit confusing there are so many people on there that have done it multiple times that they know the event so well. I found a document on one of the FB Groups I was in that had the list of buildings and parks that you pass by during the event; complete with their history and why they were something to look forward to! So check them out!
  6. If you can swing it, just go ahead and include all the event shirts and jacket, etc. in your registration. It was so nice to know that I didn’t need to line up during the expo to pay for them. I was able to just go and pick up my shirts and jacket! If you’re wondering how sizing was; they are a bit bigger (at least for this years event they were; I don’t think it would be different sizing next year to be honest). I got an extra small shirt at the Adidas store for the event shirt and it was a perfect fit for me and I usually wear a small. I also read on one of the Facebook Group that the fit was bigger than usual. I love the shirts and the jacket!

That’s about all I can remember. If you have any questions in mind just let me know! Leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best as I can.



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Marathon Training – Week 7! #RoadtoBerlinMarathon2019

The marathon is creeping in on me. I feel like September 29 is just around the corner! It is less than 3 months away! I was going through/skimming through my calendar to check out my schedule and I freaked out a little bit! It’s coming and it’s coming fast! When I’m sitting at my desk at work, I wish for the time to go by fast and then I remember how close my Berlin Trip/Marathon is, that I end up telling the Universe: “Ok, it can go a bit slower!”


My marathon training has been going through many of it’s downs lately at least for the past 2 weeks. Having a tough time on week 6 had me pumped for week 7! It really does fly by I can’t believe I just got done with week 7, just like that! I started week 7 strong but ended it on the weaker end of the stick. I was out of town on a girl’s trip where we all ended up going out and staying up late!


So here’s a little summary of my 7th week:


Day 1: After a night of hanging out with friends, its was really hard to wake up early for Day 1 of Week 7. I ended up waking up at 7am, giving me ample amount of time to start a morning run! But no, I sat and ate a big breakfast and had to wait a couple of hours to digest. I started my run at 10am (in Florida that means HOT HOT HOT). I went to the park for my run. It wasn’t so bad. The 4 miles went smoothly. It wasn’t as humid and hot as I thought it would be and running at the park is nice because there’s plenty of people trying to get their exercise/run done too so I didn’t feel so alone.


Day 2: Monday came along and I decided to do my run in the evening instead of my normal AM runs before work. My friend who was visiting decided to join me. We ended up going to another one of our friend’s and he ran along with us too with his son. We did 3 miles! I was reminded of how much fun it is to run with a group!


Day 3: Rest Day! I ended up going out to eat with my friends at a restaurant called Boiling Crawfish! It was super yummy!


Day 4: It was the last day before vacation. Everyone at work was expecting an early release but it did not happen. My plan of running my 4 miles right before leaving for the trip didn’t quite pan out. I got off work on my regular scheduled time and got ready and left as soon as I got home. So no running was done on this day at all.


Day 5: We drove for about 5 hours to reach our vacay spot and probably didn’t get set and ready for bed until around 3AM. Good thing my friend was dedicated to seeing the sunrise (since we were staying so close to the beach) and woke us all up at 6AM. I got up and got ready for my run. It was tough to run on the sand at first but as soon as I got on my rhythm I would find myself stuck and unable to move forward due to water blocking some spots at the beach! I didn’t want my shoes to get wet! An hour or so later and my 4 miles was done, tired and restless, but I still did it!


Day 6: Still super tired and restless! It was storming outside and my will power to do my 6 mile run was just not there. I ended up calling it a day and taking on missed miles for the day.


Same goes for Day 7, still restless. My boyfriend ended up meeting us the night before and we all decided to go out and see the Boardwalk one last time. We woke up pretty late and had to drive back home. We didn’t get home until around 6PM or so. Still plenty of time to do a run but I decided to take another missed miles. It would have been my first double digit number but I just couldn’t do it.


I know there are so many excuses and plenty of shoulds. A lot of these things are lesson learned for future trainings. You really do need to plan ahead when it comes to training/vacationing especially on the limited time that you have. It’s also smart to plan how restless you’ll be in trips, especially from travelling from one place to another. It is important to rest and get a decent amount of sleep.


I had a great time with my friends and I wouldn’t change anything about our trip! I’m not going to dwell so much on those miss miles. I’m moving on from that and focusing more on the upcoming ones. I’m going to focus on the upcoming weeks and do my best to accomplish my scheduled runs on my training plan!


So see you again next time! Thank you for reading!


Have a nice day!

Marathon Training – Week 5 #roadtoberlinmarathon

Hello All!

Week 5 just ended for me and I feel super accomplished! With 3 very successful weeks, I am on a roll!

Day 1: Rest Day! Slept until my body told me to wake up. I dropped my mom off to work, vacuumed my car, went to starbucks, went grocery shopping, meal prepped, work prepped and video chatted with my S.O. What a productive rest day it was!

Day 2: I prepared my mind for this morning run, 5 miles, to be exact. I got to the park and “tried” to keep a steady pace. It’s really hard to be at one pace but I am getting there. I’m still running 11 – 12 mins per mile.

Day 3: Rest Day! Of course spent the whole day at work

Day 4: 4 Miles: I don’t quite recall how this actually went but I bet it was a good one! Lol

Day 5: Couldn’t sleep the day before. I contemplated doing the 2nd 5 mile easy run of the week in the afternoon. My alarm went off at 4:45 AM (yikes, that’s not happening) and then again at 5:00 AM, contemplated so hard around this time but decided that I am pretty wide awake anyways, I’ll just drink some coffee and have a snack! I haven’t been drinking coffee before my 6am runs so this was the first! I thought, “instead of 5, I’ll just do 4 today, sleep better tonight and run my 5 miles tomorrow.” (Yes, you can do that! You can switch off the days as long as you do the runs!) So I did my regular 4 mile route but as I was running I think the coffee was starting to kick in and ended up running the 5 miles that was scheduled!! Coffee saved the day! I really like to emphasized on this day because I really thought I couldn’t do it. I managed to run the last mile the fastest that day. It was a good feeling. I felt really accomplished and proud of myself.

Day 6: I couldn’t sleep right away again, although, I did sleep a little bit earlier than the previous day. I got to the park a little bit later than usual. I didn’t drink any coffee because I did not feel as tired waking up. I ran the 4 miles and got done with a couple of minutes before needing to get ready for work! What an amazing accomplishment it was! I did some stretches and some foam rolling.

Day 7: Last Day of Week 5, 6 Miles in the book! I planned to run later than usual (it’s the weekend after all) but my body woke up at 5:30 AM and I was able to start my run at 6am! I was surprised to not see many runners (It’s not a holiday weekend, yet!) I thought this run was gonna be slower than usual because it is much longer than what I’ve been running but I kept a steady pace!

Week 5 was a success! Week 6 on the schedule looks a little scary! Wish me luck!


<3 Piawia!

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