Things you need to know when signing up for the Berlin Marathon 2020 Lottery


I was successful on my first attempt to get a place to run the Berlin Marathon 2019. Although there are no secret ways or magic paths to get a place I believe that the percentage of you getting in to this marathon is much higher than all the other world majors. It was an amazing experience and I totally advice anyone to experience it! I think this was my favorite Marathon, thus far. I’ve only done two; Berlin marathon & Chicago marathon. I love Berlin Marathon because every corner you turn there’s a history that needs to be notice and the crowd was amazing even in the pouring rain! BUT that is just me personally.

The Registration deadline to enter the drawing process is on the 31st of October at 12pm central time. Although I am not signing up myself, I do encourage you do so! It’s really fun! Here are some things to keep in mind when registering for this event:

  1. Signing up for the lottery is free but as soon as you are picked in the lottery the registration fee will be taken out automatically. If you do get pick and they take out the fee; you’ll be able to defer it but you won’t get your money back. This is after you get picked!
  2. You can sign up now and if you decide that you don’t want to participate in the lottery anymore you may send the BMW Marathon representative an e-mail to take you out of the list. Be sure to do this before the drawing in November 27. I’ve only seen this information in a Facebook post and not have tried it myself but if you do change your mind, don’t wait too long contact them right away. Just don’t change your mind!
  3. When I signed up I was given an option to either get a poncho or an event bag. I personally chose the poncho but I’m still on the defense on whether or not I picked the right thing. I mean I will have no other chance to use the poncho & I will probably not be using the bag either. The only thing is when I got my Bib it was so sad to not get a bag while everyone else was getting one. I didn’t have a place for my Bib and I didn’t get the poncho until after the race. I think choosing either one has it’s perks. I wish there was an option to have both.
  4. At sign up, I was given an option to either sign up for extras; like a special sign up package! I highly advice to keep a note on what is included in that package; if you do decide you’d like that too. Just keep a note of what options you selected. I signed up for the massage; honestly; it was an awkward massage. lol It was basically an open room of people getting massages; no privacy what so ever. If you’re ok with that then why not but It might be better if you can schedule one outside of the event.
  5. Join a Facebook Group after signing up or even if you don’t sign up! It’s nice to be in a group of like minded people. Also a great way to keep yourself updated to whatever is going on in the event. Facebook groups are a good way to gather information or if there is something a bit confusing there are so many people on there that have done it multiple times that they know the event so well. I found a document on one of the FB Groups I was in that had the list of buildings and parks that you pass by during the event; complete with their history and why they were something to look forward to! So check them out!
  6. If you can swing it, just go ahead and include all the event shirts and jacket, etc. in your registration. It was so nice to know that I didn’t need to line up during the expo to pay for them. I was able to just go and pick up my shirts and jacket! If you’re wondering how sizing was; they are a bit bigger (at least for this years event they were; I don’t think it would be different sizing next year to be honest). I got an extra small shirt at the Adidas store for the event shirt and it was a perfect fit for me and I usually wear a small. I also read on one of the Facebook Group that the fit was bigger than usual. I love the shirts and the jacket!

That’s about all I can remember. If you have any questions in mind just let me know! Leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best as I can.



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Is it really the worst thing?

TWO DAYS! I gave that anxiety two days of my life! Two anxious filled days about a situation/incident that hasn’t even occurred yet. I feel that I lost those two days trying to figure out how to deal with the problem that could come up. I feel that I lost those two days.

There was a change in assignments at my day job and it created a hysterical person in me. I was anxious. I was told it was the worst thing that could happen. I was told this was one of the reason why someone quit the job. I was told it was difficult. I was told it was repetitive and too stressful. That was what was being assigned to me!

I created world wind scenarios in my head. I was recalling some past events in my life when I was overly worked and overlooked by my co-workers. I was anxious. “I DON’T WANT HISTORY TO REPEAT ITSELF”, I thought to myself, while planning out my escape plan! Two days, I gave that two days of stress – nothing is happening yet!

Karl, my boyfriend, desperately looking for a solution for me. I was defensive, angry and alone. I didn’t what a solution, THERE IS NO SOLUTION! Oh the agony of it all – nothing is happening yet, I was anxious.

He said, “I feel like I lose you every time you’re anxious.” He wasn’t trying to fix my problem, he wanted me back and I wanted the same. I lost myself for those two days for something that’s not even happening. I stepped back a little bit to realize that I was losing myself. I wanted to enjoy my days. I wanted to not worry but worry won me over those two days.

We were listening to an audiobook, Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking by Oliver Burkeman. In the book, he mentions Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher, who had a question “Do you have a problem right now?”. That question hit me, thankfully it did! I’m worrying about something in the future that may or may not even happen. I forgot to live in the moment; I made the future more important than what’s happening now.

After learning Karl’s fears and thoughts about my troubles I realized that I wasn’t focusing on the now. We were after all on a trip of a lifetime and I was there pondering on work issues that may or may not even happen. The sun was setting, the clouds were aligning, ducks were swimming on the lake and the water was red from the reflection of the sunset. I couldn’t enjoy them 100 percent. Thankfully, I was able to get back in the moment to realign myself with the world around me.

I also had to remind myself that even if all my worries do come, it wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to me. That even if they come, I will be able to handle them. I have a choice to accept and not accept what I would like to keep in my life, no matter what. I have a choice to dwell on things or to figure out solutions for when they come – but not now!

Do I have a problem right now, this very moment? I answered “NO” & my worries and anxiety left. I freed myself from that, giving me an opportunity to enjoy my time with Karl wholeheartedly; worry and stress free!

So if there is something bothering you, ask yourself, “Do I have a problem right now?”

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