The other day I was going through my Social Media and I ran across someone’s post of words of encouragement and support. I looked at the photo and remembered the times that person put me down and I thought “Yeah right!”

Seeing that post from that person made me remember all of the discouraging things people have said to me, “Oh yeah You won’t take it anymore because it’s too hard huh?”, Or “I hurt you? Use that hurt to make yourself stronger” or words like “You’re just like this person I can’t take it” or “Oh you guys are going out? He asked me first but I said no, I’m happy for you though,” or “I feel sorry for you, I really do.”

Most of these words came from people I used to be super close with. It was like they knew all my weakness and used it against me in one blow. After these words were spoken I never really reached out to them again. I thought, “I’m over it, I’m just never going to talk to them ever again and life will be a bliss.” No no no, that is not what happened. I never worked through them. I simply just eliminated the person but not the problem!

The problem is that I let people affect me. I let their words run through me like it’s meant to flow inside me. It lingers on me, I once had a boyfriend who broke up with me because his friend thought “she’s not popular enough”! Do you know how long and how many times I brought that up to people! (HAHA) Too many dang times!

Who cares if people think you aren’t good enough? Who cares if they think you aren’t strong enough? Who cares if they think you are weak?

The thing is, I need,to remind myself, these people said those things about me because it was more of a reflection of how they saw themselves. They wanted to make themselves feel better by pointing out what they thought was true about me. They probably didn’t even know what they said and I’ve probably done this too.

I just wanted to make sure that I am not taking them too personally anymore. I wanted to make sure that if I see them in person or their post on social media, I would think “GOOD for them” instead of being bitter.

I wanted to release myself from their judgment and so here I am being more open about them and letting people know that words hurt and it stays with people!

I’ll do my part too. I’ll do my best to say only nice things. To say only encouraging things and see that the words I say and the negative thoughts I have of others are most likely a reflection of what I feel inside. I need to let that shit go! lol

So If you recognize these things on here, Dude, I forgive you and I hope you forgive me too! BUT most importantly forgive yourself, forgive them and stop being bitter. That is what I’m working through now.

Words can stay with you if you don’t decide to let it go! 

Love always,